High-efficiency dry-burning heating rod makes the heat-shrinkable film seal more smoothly

In the sealing process of heat shrinkable film, heating is a crucial part.The W-type dry heating rod is the star product in the heating of heat shrinkable film.It not only has the characteristics of high-efficiency heating, but also can effectively prolong the service life and make the sealing process smoother.

First, let’s take a look at the efficient heating characteristics of the W-type dry heating rod.The W-type heating rod uses high-purity heating alloy wire, which not only has high thermal conductivity, but also has uniform heating and less heat loss.At the same time, it adopts a unique heating method, and the heating element can quickly convert electrical energy into heat energy, making the heating speed faster and more uniform, thereby improving production efficiency.

Secondly, the W-type dry heating rod can also effectively prolong the service life.During use, it will have some problems due to long-term high-temperature use, such as the surface is easily oxidized, resulting in a decrease in heating efficiency.In order to solve these problems, we use high-quality materials, and strengthen the surface hardness and corrosion resistance through chrome plating, sandblasting and other treatments, thus prolonging the service life.

Finally, the installation and replacement of the W-type dry heating rod is also very convenient.We can provide customized heating rods according to the actual needs of customers to ensure that they can be used normally on the customer’s machine.

In short, the W-type dry heating rod plays an important role in the sealing process of the heat shrinkable film. Its high-efficiency heating and durability can help enterprises improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.At the same time, we will also provide a full range of services according to customer needs to ensure that every customer can get the best experience.