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Dongguan Lujinxun Electric Heating Appliance Co., Ltd. specializes in electric heating tubes, cartridge heaters, band heaters, thermocople, silicone pads… If you need heater products, feel free to contact with us. Since its establishment, we have adhered to the corporate philosophy of “committed to becoming your satisfactory partner”. From product research and development, production, quality inspection, inspection and testing, sales to after-sales service, we have meticulously created products and services that satisfy customers with a rigorous, pragmatic, and scientific style. Our business and service institutions are spread throughout the country.

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Application of W-shaped fin electric heating tube in foaming machine

W-shaped finned electric heating tube is an important component commonly used in foaming machine equipment. Its unique design and excellent performance make it play an important role in the foaming process.This article will introduce the characteristics, uses and application of W-shaped finned electric heating tubes in foaming machine equipment.
1. Features of W-shaped fin electric heating tube
W-shaped finned electric heating tube is a heating tube with a special structure, and its characteristics are as follows:
①Efficient heat transfer: The W-shaped fin […]

High-efficiency dry-burning heating rod makes the heat-shrinkable film seal more smoothly

In the sealing process of heat shrinkable film, heating is a crucial part.The W-type dry heating rod is the star product in the heating of heat shrinkable film.It not only has the characteristics of high-efficiency heating, but also can effectively prolong the service life and make the sealing process smoother.
First, let’s take a look at the efficient heating characteristics of the W-type dry heating rod.The W-type heating rod uses high-purity heating alloy wire, which not only has high thermal […]

Upgrade printing machine oven, choose U-shaped fin heating tube

In the printing industry, the stability and upgrading of printing quality is the core goal pursued by enterprises.As the heating tube of the printing machine oven is an important heat source device, choosing a suitable heating tube is very important for improving printing quality and production efficiency.Among the many heating tubes, the U-shaped fin heating tube has become the first choice for the printing industry due to its excellent performance and multiple advantages.
U-shaped fin heating tube is a heating […]

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