How many amperes is 380V 100kW equal to?

In the field of power, voltage and current are two important parameters that we often encounter. There is a certain relationship between voltage and current for a given power. In this article, we will explore a voltage and power combination of 380V 100kW, and how many amperes (A) it is equal to.

1.Definition of power:

Firstly, let’s understand the concept of power. Power refers to the energy consumed or generated per unit of time, usually expressed in watts (W). In this case, 100kW represents the energy consumption or generation of 100,000 watts per second.

2.The relationship between voltage and current:

According to Ohm’s law, there is the following relationship between voltage (V), current (A) and resistance (Ω): current is equal to voltage divided by resistance, that is, I=V/R.

Calculation of 380V 100kW:

In this example, we know that the power is 100kW and the voltage is 380V. We want to calculate the corresponding current.

According to the formula I=P/V of Ohm’s law, the known power and voltage are substituted to obtain:



I ≈ 263.16A

Therefore, 380V 100kW is equivalent to approximately 263.16 amperes.

Conclusion:According to Ohm’s law, we can calculate the current at a given voltage and power. In this case, 380V 100kW is equivalent to approximately 263.16 amperes. Understanding the relationship between these electrical parameters is crucial for designing, installing, and maintaining power systems, as well as selecting appropriate electrical equipment. When we need to understand power demand or solve circuit problems, these basic principles can help us better understand and apply power knowledge.